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Rescue cards
are here!



"Do you have rescue cards?" asked one of our first "my buddy Pal" customers." Cards done with the same thoughtful and quirky humor." At the time, we didn't, but it got us thinking. After visiting a few shelters, ideas began to form, and now we can answer that question with, "Yes, we do."

To make it easier for rescue groups, animal shelters, businesses and museums to offer our cards to their customers, contact us at 828-696-0944 to hear about the special discounts and wholesale opportunities we have exclusively for you.


"...My buddy Pal cards are perfect for any occasion, or no occasion at all."

— Tails magazine

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"They bring a BIG smile to my face when I look at them."

— Hae Sebes

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"Anybody want to dance?"

— Pal


Greeting cards, note cards, rescue cards...we've got them all.


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